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The Macedonia Church of Christ welcomes you (cont.)...


Especially visit the Sermons (Audio & Video) section of our website where you will find recorded audio and video of our Minister's and guest speakers sermons on the Lord's Day here at Macedonia.


Please visit the News & Events page and see the latest on the upcoming events and activities here at Macedonia.


We also post our weekly prayer list online. Please visit the M.C.C. Prayer List page in the More section where you will find the prayer list. If you would like to request prayer for yourself or someone else please fill out the form at the bottom of the prayer list page.


The youth group here at Macedonia invite you to visit the M.C.C. Youth section. On the Youth Group page you can find the upcoming events and activites that are being planned for the youth at Macedonia along with recorded videos and photos of events taking place with the youth. There is also, a Youth Links page with various activites such as games, etc. for children.


In the About Us section of our website you will find several pages that will give you more information about the Macedonia church and congregation. Please be sure to visit those pages in that section.


If you are looking for a congregation of believers to come and work and serve God we would like for you to consider the Macedonia Church of Christ as that place.


Above all else the members here at Macedonia are concerned about the welfare of your eternal soul. If you have never yet accepted Christ as your savior and have yet to come to know the free pardon from sin we encourage you to visit the God's Plan for Salvation page. (As the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Christians of Rome "For all have sinned, and came short of the glory of God;" Romans 3:23). On this page you will find God's complete and full plan of salvation for mankind as it is clearly defined in His holy word. If you would like someone from Macedonia to contact you in regard to discussing your salvation we would be more than happy to do so. You can visit the Contact Us page under the About Us section for more information in regard on how to contact us here at Macedonia.


We would like to extend an invitation and consider it an honor for you to come and visit with us here at the Macedonia Church of Christ at one of our services and meet all the friendly people here at Macedonia. We know that you will feel at home with us here. (An interpreter is provided for the deaf and hard of hearing during our worship services.)


The Macedonia Church of Christ is located just outside of the historic town of Abingdon, Virginia in the beautiful rolling hills of Southwestern Virginia. You can find our location and detailed driving directions to our building on the Our Location page in the About Us section.


Once again the congregation from the Macedonia Church of Christ thank you for visiting with us here online.


Please remember At Macedonia, "There's a Place Just for You With Us Here!"


May God bless you and your family this day is our prayer for you.

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