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The Bible Characters Network

Otherwise known as the B.C.N! We're here to present to you the basic bible stories that your children need to help grow their faith in God and peak their interests in wanting to know more about Him!

(By Luke & Aldonza Clifton)

Another good place for kids to learn about the Bible.

A great place with alot of activities for kids to learn the Bible in a fun way.

A Kid's Heart - A play and learn site with resources for children and their teachers.

A great place for younger kids.

Play Christian and Bible games online.

Welcome to the Christian Family Word games. All the word puzzles are Bible related including a Bible trivia quiz,wordsearches,circle-a-word, crosswords, Kids page and Hangman quess-a-word and other Family on-line games. has lots of things for kids, s.s. teachers, and adults. It is associated with the Church of Christ and the Church of Christ doctrine. It is highly recommended.

Christian computer games.

Bible games
Bible stories
Coloring pages

Bible games for Christians.

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