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Minister Don Henegar

I bid you greetings on behalf of the Macedonia Church of Christ.

While we at Macedonia vary in age, work status, and backgrounds, all of us use our talents to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by sharing Him with those we encounter.  You will find that the members of this congregation love God and His Word very deeply and are committed to being obedient to nothing else!  So, if you love God and His Word and desire to improve your relationship with Him, we invite you to attend Macedonia.

Here are just a few of the things that you can expect to find when you visit Macedonia:  You will find a warm, friendly atmosphere where the members of the congregation care for one another.  You will find that our song service is centered on bringing glory and honor to our Lord.  Due to its importance, you will find the Lord's Table is at the heart of our auditorium where we assemble to reflect on Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection every first day of the week.  You will find that prayers are offered on behalf of the sick, afflicted, and hurting with the purpose of the Lord's will being done in every life.  You will find that God's Word is preached unapologetically and unashamedly because it is His Word that convicts the lost while challenging Christians to work on our walk with Christ.  You will find God's gospel plan of salvation, as it is found in God's Word, given at the end of every service because there is nothing more important than a person's soul.  You will find that this body of believers cares as much for you as they do for one another.

As I bring these thoughts to a close, I once again want to personally extend to all of you an invitation to worship with us at Macedonia Church of Christ where Jesus is exalted, the gospel is preached, the saints work enthusiastically for the Lord, and where YOU WILL BE WELCOMED!

Minister Don Henegar

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